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June 25th, 2011

(The Chicken + The Ram} Shoreline Lake :: Mountain View, Ca

What do you get when you put a chicken and ram together? Well, I guess you a get a series of ridiculous, yet charming set of photos! I could tell you who wore the mascot heads in these photos, but that would take away the storybook appeal!  I will say that I rented these heads from a costume shop in Los Altos called The Costume Bank, which is a non- profit organization run by volunteer members.  For years I’ve wanted to rent costumes from the Costume Bank and I finally decided to spend the money and do it!  The costumes don’t run cheap, since they’re all hand made and one of a kind!  Although, I have to say it was the best 100 bucks I spent in a long time! These photos were taken at the Shoreline Lake in Mountain View, Ca.
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