Toddler Fun at Siltanen Community Park

June 26th, 2011

{Elias} Siltanen Community Park :: Scotts Valley, Ca

A couple of Sundays ago at Siltanen Community Park I photographed Elias , who is a year and nine months old. That’s twenty-one months old in human baby years or roughly only 639 days alive! His mother and father are good friends of mine.  I told them I had to get some shots of Elias, as he is one of the cutest babies around.  It is unbelievable how expressive this little boy can be with those huge baby blues! We went down to the near by park so Elias can play and have a snack.  He had woken up from a nap earlier, so he was wound up like the energizer bunny and ready to go! He chatted with us on the way there, pointing at what he saw and questioning his dad if he wanted to play, “ball?”, “ball?”.  We stayed long enough until Elias got tired of and had to be carried home by mom.

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